Removing Snow from Rooftops on Municipal and State Property

After excessive snowfall, concerns arise about the weight of snow and the structural integrity of the roof. Workers assigned to remove snow from rooftops are at high risk of injury from falling off the roof edge or falling through skylights.

Employers must plan ahead to protect all workers from falling off the roof.

  • Use snow removal methods that do not involve workers going onto roofs, when possible.
  • Provide Fall Protection equipment to workers who go onto roofs such as full body harnesses, shock-absorbing lanyards, lifelines, and engineered anchor points.
  • Guard skylights, so workers do not fall through.
  • Mark skylights, roof drains, and vents that could trip workers.
  • Avoid contact with electrical power lines. Keep ladders, aerial lifts and workers at least 10 feet away from power lines.
  • Evaluate weight load exerted on roof to ensure the roof can support the workers and equipment.
  • Train workers to use Fall Protection harness, lifelines and anchor points correctly.

For more detailed information to prevent injury, refer to OSHA Publication 3513 “Hazard Alert: Falls and Other Hazards to Workers Removing Snow from Rooftops and Other Elevated Surfaces” available at:

Pre-planning Includes Marking Skylights

Every year workers are asked to clear roofs of snow, and every year workers are injured by hidden hazards under the snow. Falls through skylights, trips and falls on piping, ventilation pipes or drains that get shoveled off are much more common than most people think. If you own, manage, or maintain a building with a flat roof, you must take steps to reduce the risk to your staff and your contractors. Our Roof Safety Markers will clearly mark and flag all such objects on your roof. With such markers, everyone will know to keep away from all these safety and fall hazards.

Make your roof safe

Roof Safety Markers has developed three different types of attachments that would work on all types of roof fixtures. Our Universal Bracket was specifically designed to be just that, universal. It can be attached to flat surfaces with just two screws and to most piping with a worm clamp. Our Pipe Clamp has been designed to fit most pipe sizes. Our L-Style clamp was designed to fit on skylights, vent hoods, and oddly shaped objects with easy application and removal. Building owners, facility managers, building inspectors, and contractors are now able to make roofs safer even when covered with several feet of snow!

Facilities Managers are risk managers.

“I encourage all roof owners to consider using roof markers. This is a great way to reduce risk and reduce liability.” Christopher Dik, Knight Dik Insurance Agency, Worchester MA.