How to Avoid Injury's on Top of Your snow-covered Roof

When it comes to snow, one cannot take any chances, especially when the snow is on your home or business rooftop. Did you know that workers are killed every year due to safety hazards and injuries while performing snow or ice removal from rooftops, building, and decks?


Removing the snow from your rooftop can be very dangerous if you don't have the right equipment. And it's better to have it handled at its early stage; particularly if you have a flat roof, it is even more critical to make sure you have the correct equipment to perform this task.


Depending on the type of roof and how much snow covers your home or business, you need to remove it to prevent a roof collapse. 


Here are three things you should consider before getting a ladder and starting the task.

1)      Plan and prepare:  

It is essential to be prepared for your weather conditions and make sure you have the necessary gear beforehand, such as guardrails, nets, or a personal fall-arrest system. Even if you decide to hire someone to do it, you need to ensure you have fall protection installed.

If you don't have your roof marked for skylights, drains, or vents, make sure to visit our products


2)      Roof Access:

Getting a ladder to perform the task may not be the optimal choice for roof access. In many cases, snow and ice may build up on ladder rungs and create a serious fall hazard. The person up the ladder should observe the rung conditions, clear off snow, and use a hammer to know any ice off the rungs. Never carry large tools or shovels up the ladder and do not allow workers to do it as well.


3)      Cold Exposure

Make sure you know all the warning signs of over-exposure and hypothermia. If you hire someone, make sure the task is done with the right weather conditions and if more than one person is handling your roof, rotate them to reduce their exposure to cold and avoid injuries.


We recommend that you hire an expert for the task, given that workers who perform snow removal operations have the right equipment and can evaluate a roof with more efficiency due to their many years of experience. Visit our website and hire an installer to avoid any safety hazards.