When you run into car trouble, you slow down and put on hazards to warn people around you. Similarly, “CAUTION” tape is aptly placed if there is an unstable fixture or area of a building during construction. These safety measures help prevent accidents and injuries. Just the same, it is not okay to let workers blindly walk around flat roofs, crossing our fingers they don’t fall through a weak area. They need guidance and that is what we provide at Roof Safety Markers, where we make it our priority to keep workers safe.

The benefits of our services can be summarized in an easy-to-remember acronym: LEAP.

  • L is for Lowering Insurance Premiums. When roof markers surround the dangerous areas on your roof, your insurance premiums go down. Why? Because insurance adjusters recognize that you are being proactive about worker safety and reward these actions. The less of a hazard your roof is, the less you have to pay for insurance.
  • E is for Easy Installation. We offer three different attachments for our roof markers that make them easy to install on any surface. The Universal Bracket is designed for universal flat surfaces with just two screws and a worm clam (the latter is only needed for certain piping). The Pipe Clamp is specific for pipes and fits most sizes. And the L-Style Clamp is for skylights, bent hoods and other objects that may not be a fit for our other two brackets.
  • A is for Available Packages. We offer multiple packages at great prices. Some of these packages even include installation, so the entire process is managed by us from start to finish.
  • P is for Preventing Injuries. Though last, P is the most important. The last thing you want is a worker getting injured on your roof. When a home or building has a flat roof, snow can cover some of the most dangerous and weak areas of the roof. This includes falling through skylights, tripping over piping and collapsing on ventilation pipes and drains. Keep you, your workers and your roof safe by setting up roof markers so you know which areas on the roof to avoid.

As an owner of a flat roof, it is your responsibility to take care of your workers. When you have the ability to LEAP into roof safety, why turn it down? Give Roof Safety Markers a call today at (877) 682-6282 or visit us at www.roofsafetymarkers.com.