Nor’easter Storm Will Strike Again; Make Sure You Are Ready


Since the beginning of February, a powerful nor’easter storm has left people in the Boston area with three feet of snow. The weather reporters have announced that this storm has broken the 113-year-old record as heavy snow strikes the Northeast area.

The weather report has announced that there will be a potentially impact winter storm by the end of the week.

With this said, businesses and homes need to be prepared before and after the storm. If you are wondering what you can do once the storm comes to an end. In that case, you must understand that a nor’easter storm consists of strong winds that reach off of the Atlantic; this type of storm generally forms when the warm air over the Atlantic ocean clashes with the Arctic cold to the North and west, this is why the Northeast area was mostly affected.

Having roof damages after this type of storm can be destructive, not to mention its cost can be very expensive.

Some of the damages could be high winds that cause junk to fly into your roof; high winds can also damage your roof, leaving it more exposed to potential leaks and water damage.

Your gutter system also could experience damage because of high-powered winds.

Roof Safety Markers highly recommends you to be prepared before the storm with the right equipment. However, if you haven’t had time to hire an expert to check out your business and home, we recommend that you make sure it is not having minor leaks already because those leaks will get worse. It will cost you a lot of time and money.

Visit our website, and we can recommend a professional roof inspector that will help you address any kind of damages that the weather has caused to your business.

Be prepared with Roof Safety Markers and make sure our experts handle your roofing.