When used with our special toggle bolt, our Universal Bracket© can be easily secured to a variety of roof drains regardless of shape or design.  We now recommend this method for all of our customers.  There is no product on the market today that is as effective, simple, and affordable as our roof drain marker.

Both our Universal Bracket and the Toggle bolt are specifically made to withstand the outdoor elements.   They are super easy to install.  All hardware is included.

Failing to mark roof drains can lead to accidents and roof damage.   Also, during snowstorms, it becomes almost impossible to locate roof drains in case they need to be cleared of snow.   A properly marked drain becomes easy to identify.  And if you have a multitude of objects on your roof, you can easily identify what is under each marker by adding our color-coded flags.

There is no better feeling of safety and control when you or your workers walk on a roof while all objects and hazards are marked.   Do not delay safety.   Mark your roof drains, skylights, gas pipes, electrical conduits, vents, and solar panels today.   Concealed hazards can expose the building owner or the contractor performing a job to liability and lawsuits resulting in heavy fines or even imprisonment.   Take proactive steps to reduce or eliminate this liability and mark your skylights.  For only a few dollars per fixture, you can save lives, money, and property.  Reduce or eliminate roof accidents, falls, and slips by using our roof safety markers.

Roof Safety Markers manufactures patent-pending hardware that is always the answer for increased safety and security on roofs.   Use them to save lives and money.

When it comes to roof maintenance, safety should be the most important consideration. Whether it’s equipment or having us install our Roof Safety Markers, keep your workers’ safety a priority. Not only will you lower the risk of accidents, but you might also even get a break on your insurance premium. Give us a call today at (877) 682-6282 or visit www.roofsafetymarkers.com to find out more about how to keep your workers as safe as possible.






  BLUE Gas
  YELLOW Solar Panel
  RED Roof Drain
  WHITE Electrical
  GREEN Vent / Other
  ORANGE Skylight