Roof Safety Markers has developed three different types of attachments that would work on all types of roof fixtures.  Our Universal Bracket was specifically designed to be just that, universal.  It can be attached to flat surfaces with just two screws and to most piping with a worm clamp.   Our Pipe Clamp has been designed to fit most pipe sizes.  Open the clamp and attach it to the pipe with just a screwdriver.  It's an easy and secure way to attach Roof Safety Markers to just about any pipe.  Our L-Style clamp was designed to fit on skylights, vent hoods, and oddly shaped objects with easy application and removal.  The L-clamp provided a quick solution to attach markers to odd or curved surfaces but may not be suitable as a permanent attachment in case of very high winds.   In applications where the user expects the L-clamp to be subjected to high winds, we request that you use our Custom Surface contact page to request assistance from our design team.