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Roof Safety Markers has developed three different types of attachments for all types of roof obstructions. Our Universal Bracket was specifically designed to be just that, universal. It can be attached to flat surfaces with just a few screws, and most piping with a pipe clamp. Our L-Style clamp was designed to fit on skylights, vent hoods, and oddly shaped objects. Easy application and removal. Our pipe clamp has been designed to fit most pipe sizes. Open the clamp and attach it to the pipe with just a screwdriver. It's an easy and secure way to attach Roof Safety Markers to just about any pipe.

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  • Universal Bracket

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    Our Universal Bracket is Custom Designed for Applications on Flat Surfaces.  It can also be Used on Some Piping and roof drains*.

  • L-Style Clamp

    L-Style Clamp is for those Surfaces that can't be Screwed into or have an Odd Shape.