There is nothing more deadly on a roof than a translucent skylight on a metal roof.   Many such skylights are installed in colors that match the metal roof and are seamless.  They blend right in!

Time and time again, workers, roofers, HVAC technicians, and those shoveling snow fall through these traps causing severe injury or death.    This danger is ever present regardless of the climate or region.   But in areas where there is snow fall, the danger is multiplied many fold.  All it takes is a dusting of snow to completely hide the skylights!

Failing to mark such skylights can expose the building owner or the contractor performing a job to liability and lawsuits resulting in heavy fines or even imprisonment.   Take proactive steps to reduce or eliminate this liability and mark your skylights.  For only a few dollars per fixture, you can save lives, money, and property.  Reduce or eliminate roof accidents, falls and slips by using our roof safety markers.

Roof Safety Markers manufactures a patent-pending galvanized metal roof bracket that comes with a butyl layer and stich screws. These brackets are placed around each skylight for extra visibility 24/7.   Use our orange color-coded flag to make it easy for anyone to identify the skylights under snow.

Roof Safety Markers are always the answer for increased safety and security on roofs.   Use them to save lives and money.

When it comes to roof maintenance, safety should be the most important consideration. Whether it’s equipment, weather or having us install our Roof Safety Markers, keep your workers’ safety a priority. Not only will you lower the risk of accidents, you might even get a break on your insurance premium. Give us a call today at (877) 682-6282 or visit to find out more about how to keep your workers as safe as possible.